Saturday, November 20, 2010

Noisy Wedding Dinner

One of our Indian neighbour downstairs is having a wedding dinner near the entrance of our block.

The tents have been set up one day in advance and the stage is extremely grand.

They have rented 2 BIG speakers and they have been very NOISY for the past 2 hours since 7.30pm.

Those songs played by the sound system is very LOUD and is akin to an EARTHQUAKE.

On top of that, they also play fireworks similar to those we see during countdown party in the town.

Although its of a smaller scale, the noise is ear-piercing as the fireworks were released in close proximity to my unit.

I cannot understand those people... just because they are having fun, the whole block of residents have to suffer.

I felt like i am in a club right now... the noisy bass is disturbing my heartbeat... WTF!