Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone... Ha Ha Ha!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thrust or Trust

Every now and then, i would come across some correspondence with spelling errors all over the place.

This is just one of those silly mistakes which brighten up my boring day.

The person who signed this letter is a manager and he must have had a bad English teacher.

Benefits of Drinking Tea

By now you've probably heard that tea is a great mood booster, stress reliever and all-round master of making you feel Zen. Tea can improve some areas of life that mean the most - your job, your skin, your finances and your confidence.

Landing a Job

Tea obviously cannot walk into your job interview and force the Human Resource representatives to hire you on the spot, but it can increase awareness and alertness, without the jitteriness coffee often causes. The morning of your interview, sip on a cup of tea to perk up without suffering an energy crash mid-interview.

A Raise or Promotion

The secret of calmness could land you your own promotion or even a raise. Those who have a tendency to stay calm under pressure and not fly off the handle are often the first ones to be brought up when it comes to time for a promotion.

A Flawless Face

Tea is full of antioxidants that detox your skin and fight against free radicals (basically, the annoying factors that make your skin age). Tea also contains rooibos, which is full of Vitamin C, Zinc and Magnesium. These are three big factors known to improve complexion and promote healthy skin.

A Positive Outlook

Don't sneer at the bubbly girl at the coffee shop everyone is drawn to - become her. To reap the benefits of a mood-stabilizing tea, pick one with a high concentration of L-theanine. This little miracle worker also helps your body strengthen its immune system, which is why you never see the bubbly coffee shop girl with a cold.

P/s: The above Golden Pekoe Tea was bought from South Africa and was told that it's famous among the locals.

New Work, New Life

I have worked in this new company for 3 months now.

For the past 3 months, i am enjoying my work and my life very much.

On my first day at work, i was properly brief by the Customer Service Department on the working and practice of the company. No "first day start work, no briefing no explaining" (which happened to me in my previous company).

On my first day at work, i was properly introduced to all the colleagues. No one "gave me a sour face" nor "turned her face away" during introduction (which happened to me in my previous company that left me with embarrassment after the Boss "begged" the Account Manager to look at me).

All basic stationery were given to me up-front on my table. No "send in request and we will buy for you" (which happened to me in my previous company that left me longed for 1 week when i was merely requesting for 1 blue pen and 1 red pen).

Company driver will drive me to attend any outside appointments. No "you can take a cab and claim it by end of the month" (which happened to me in my previous company that i can only get all my claims once a month).

Company driver will accompany me to attend any outside appointments. No "there's nothing to worry about" (which happened to me in my previous company that include meeting clients in industrial area or rural area ALONE).

Cleaner will clean the office and clear the rubbish everyday. No "3 times a week is more than enough" (which happened in my previous company that left the office with bits and pieces of papers on the floor and stench of rubbish from all four corners of the office).

Cleaner will wash the toilet everyday. No "our toilet is clean enough, no need to wash with water, just mop will do" (which happened in my previous company that left the office toilet with weird urine odor every time you walked into the toilet).

All the staffs will discuss about their problems in a peaceful way. No "shouting and cursing" (which happened in my previous company that make the office sound like a wet market and one can hardly hear the voice from the other end of the phone).

Now, that's why you know why I THANK GOD THAT I RESIGNED from my previous company!

Friday, October 8, 2010

When I Feel Sleepy At Work

When i feel sleepy at work...

I'll just look out of the window and expose myself to bright light to try tricking my body to remain awake. I used to work in an office where the lights are extremely dim. At the end of the day, i feel very tired and my eyes goes blur. Now that the office that i am currently working at have brighter lights and lamps, the environment are definitely much better.

When i feel sleepy at work...

I'll try to keep myself uncomfortable by standing up as much as possible. Another way is to stay cold and chilly in the office. I used to work in an office where the ventilation system is terribly bad. The company is trying to save electricity by installing just a small air-conditioner for a large area of 8 staffs. The warm environment often make me feel sleepy.

Now that my current office is bright and chilly, i seldom feel sleepy at work and hopefully this will allow me to be more productive at work.