Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fight Against Leukaemia

Last year, two person whom I knew were diagnosed with Leukaemia. One of whom was the mother of my primary school ex-classmate, VC. Her mother was diagnosed with Leukaemia in March 2008 and subsequently died in June 2008. I only came to know about VC's mother death when another ex-classmate of mine informed me of the news.

Being in lost contact, you can imagine my awkwardness of breaking the silence after so many years with this kind of news as opening para. I gave VC a call after her mother's funeral. I want to let her calm down a bit before I can talk to her. I want to let her know that no matter how many miles or years separate us, I do think of her as one of my dearest friend.

She seemed to be calm. We chat a lot over the phone, from my life to her life. At first, I do worry that it will sound as if I am basking in a peaceful life while she goes through hell. However, it turns out that she seems to be glad to know about what is going well for me.

Yet, there are times that things are not going well for me. I didn't lie to her, but i did try to focus on the positive. I just thought that any glimpse of "normal" is good. At the end, I am glad that I did made the call and had keep in touch with her since then.

Another friend of mine, KV, was also diagnosed with Leukaemia. KV and I have never been classmate. We were in the same form but different class all the while. But he is a nice gentleman in which everyone can easily relate to. It was sad to know that Leukaemia has befallen on such a kind person.

I came to know about KV's news through my secondary school ex-classmate. She informed me of KV's blog and relates a brief account of his present situation then. KV undergone a series of chemotherapy treatment which lasted for one year and only finished the whole treatment last week.

Life was never easy, especially if you were ill. Throughout the whole chemotherapy treatment, KV displayed courage and dare devil-esque qualities. The boy who did this surely grew into a man who will do everything in his power to get well.

KV has showed us what he can bring to the fight for his life. The writings below are specially dedicated to KV, may it bring hope, comfort and inspiration to his road to recovery...

" Until you are well
Be patient and wait,
For patience is truly
A wonderful trait...
For most of the battles
Of life are won
By looking beyond
The clouds to the sun,
And having the patience
To wait for the day
When the sun comes out
And the clouds float away! "

Helen Steiner Rice


  1. Thanks my fren, u was put so high....I'm not that strong as you though..i just a normal ppl who unlucky or maybe so lucky get a new experience in my life....seem u love makan, see one day we can come out for makan....hehehe..take care..


  2. I did exaggerated "a bit" on your part...just to get your tear-drop...;p However, the dedication above is sincere. Hope you can get well soon!