Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hat Tip To Lion That Glow-In-The-Dark

Today is the ninth day of Chinese New Year. I accompanied my parents to an open house dinner just now. The "Roasting Team" from Dreamland Restaurant, Tawau had done a great job by feeding us with a variety of great roasted seafood! A big thumbs-up to Dreamland Restaurant!

There is also Lion Dance presented by Tawau Teo Chew Association. I heard that this is the only association in Tawau which provides Lion that glow-in-the-dark. Very fascinating, indeed. A big thumbs-up to Tawau Teo Chew Association's Lion Dance Team!

斗湖潮州公会 - 马来西亚华人地缘社团。前身为1901年创立的义安郡。从故乡迎来列圣香炉灰和圣像,供奉于列圣庙,由当地几家潮属商店轮流任理事。1922年由丘金国、辜瑞勤等倡议,经全体乡亲同意,创办新华学校。1941年日军南侵,会务停顿。战后恢复会务。1962年4月15日注册为合法社团,改会名为斗湖潮州公会,选出首届理事会,理事长刘玉波。

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