Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tic Tac Toe Cafe @ Tawau

I went to Tic Tac Toe Cafe today. It is an ordinary cafe which sells food and beverage. Apart from normal table, there are also two sets of double swing chair for those customers that prefer swinging while dining.

I ordered a glass of "Kam Zi Yuk Yip" and curry puff. Nothing special with the "Kam Zi Yuk Yip". It was a mixture of tea and guava juice. It was the curry puff which makes me feel like i have been cheated. The curry puff doesn't resemble any of those ordinary curry puff. It looks more like a triangular-shaped popiah or samosa. It's 5 pieces per plate but their size was very, very small.

The "Kam Zi Yuk Yip" cost me RM3.80 whilst the so-called curry puff cost me RM5.00! I would not recommend any of my friend to visit Tic Tac Toe Cafe. For the price that they are charging, we find it disappointed.

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