Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hidden Gems of Dang Wangi

Let's go for a stroll in one of Kuala Lumpur's few remaining clusters of traditional shophouses. Had it lost its Malaysian character?

Not-so-interesting graffiti.

More not-so-interesting graffiti.

An old Malay mansion turned kopitiam.

This row of shophouses reminds me of Penang but KL has done far too little to preserve its unique architecture.

The shop at the far right - Ah Loke Tailor, was said to make the best suits in town, but the Tailor may soon retire.

Notice anything peculiar about this shop?

Oh yeah... the tree trunk was preserved when the shop undergone renovation. That's why you can see a tree trunk in the middle of the shop.

The back door of an old building. Door from the past.

A lot of pigeon holes near the roof of an old building.

The KL Tower is not situated in Dang Wangi but it's clearly visible since it's just across the street.

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