Sunday, May 24, 2009

Now I Know... JPM

I always wonder what is the work scope of Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia. Now i know. I had a walkabout around Semua House which is located at Lorong Bonus 6, Kuala Lumpur yesterday. It is near the bustling Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, a road with heavy congestion and inefficient public facilities.

I saw 2 Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia's vans and 2 tents were set up beside the road. There were staffs from Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia distributing posters, magazines and brochures for free to the public to educate them on people's unity. Now i know...

Since i'm the only Chinese roaming, the agitated staff tried to squeeze in as many as possible. He went on to explain to me that they will set up temporary tent at selected Pasar Malam around Klang Valley every week and hand out free distributions to the public. Now i know...

These were some of the posters and magazines i got from them. The yellow-coloured poster gave me a tremble. No wonder i never see them in our Pasar Malam. Anyway, i find that the new cabinet line-up poster is useful though.

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