Friday, June 26, 2009

Fab Friday : Web Collapses

Love him or hate him, everyone on the planet knows him. And that caused big problems for a lot of huge websites with the news of his passing.

As reported, Twitter had hundreds of thousands of tweets came in about Jackson in a very short amount of time. Various reports had the AOL-owned TMZ, which broke the story, being down at multiple points throughout the ordeal. Then it was the LATimes, people rushed there, and that site went down.


  1. I liked his voice last time. It really makes me feel the excitement. But, I can't accept his behavior. Perhaps, famous people must have wierd habits & attitudes. :)

  2. Despite all the controversies surrounding his life, Michael will always be the King of Pop in my heart… more so after watching his Bucharest Concert on 8TV last night. If you read about Michael's childhood experience and having an abusive father (which i can personally relate to), i kinda pity him, a lot.

  3. what had pass is pass. Should stand up & start new life.