Tuesday, June 23, 2009

PJ 19 Food Planet @ Section 19, Petaling Jaya

Went to PJ 19 Food Planet last Saturday. It is a 24 hours food court located near The Otomotif College in Section 19, Petaling Jaya. It used to be called 888 Food Planet but somehow changed to PJ 19 Food Planet subsequently. I heard that the premises used to be an old factory.

The food court is situated a walking distance from most of the factories and offices in the area. If you are coming from SS2, take the third turning at Rothman Roundabout. Once you see the first junction on your right, turn right uphill and you will see PJ 19 Food Planet on your right.

The environment are very cozy and clean, with a Chinese-New-Year-like decoration. There are over 30 stalls, serving a diverse array of local food and international cuisine (eg. Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese etc). The food served are proportionate to the price paid and a variety to choose from.

My friend ordered 镡肉饭 (loosely translated as "Pork Rice") @ RM5.50. I had never seen this dish before. It is served with a bowl of braised streaky pork, tofu (bean curd), French beans, one whole boiled egg PLUS a big bowl of white rice.

The pork were braised in thick dark soy sauce but it taste average. A very generous portion indeed and my friend was not able to finish it.

I ordered Sui Kow Mein (Dumplings Noodles) @ RM4.00 from the same stall. It is served with three boiled dumplings, slices of fried fish cake, minced pork and vegetables. Thin flat rice noodles cut in smaller strips were used. It taste so so only but the dumplings were better than most of the dumplings i had in other food court.

However, waiting was too long for us, as in a food court standard. For a food court which is just 1/4 packed, i do expect food to be served in 15 minutes.

I also ordered Woh Tip (Pot Stickers) @ RM4.00 and it turned out to be a huge mistake. The Woh Tip looks like deep-fried, rather than pan-fried. Taste wise, it was just average, with a strong ginger taste. Personally, i just thought that the Woh Tip at my hometown (which is not the best by the way) is better than this.

On a side note, i guess their Suet Cha (Iced Chinese Tea) is considered the most expensive among all the food court as it is RM0.80 per glass! The Suet Cha has got a hint of lemon though.

Add: Lot 1, Jalan 19/1, Seksyen 19, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Opening Hours: 24 hours daily.

[Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here are based entirely on personal taste buds, view and preference and may vary from others.]

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