Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kam Heong Restaurant @ New Town, Petaling Jaya

Went to Kam Heong Restaurant last Sunday. It is located right next to UOB Bank at Petaling Jaya New Town and directly opposite Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya building. Again, it's a shop with no discernible signboard.

The restaurant is a Chinese food court by day and a Teo Chew style Stewed Duck Rice and Porridge restaurant by night. The Stewed Duck is known to be the best in town but i have yet to try it out.

It was a Sunday brunch... super duper peak time and looking for a place to sit is definitely a nightmare. After settling down, my friend and i ordered 2 medium plate of Char Siew Wan Tan Mee from the Wantan Mee stall.

Char Siew Wan Tan Mee @ RM4.80. A big disappointment as the lye taste was too heavy! The noodles were substantial but the lye taste just spoiled my appetite. The Char Siew looked a bit different from those that i normally had but it was painfully tasteless and hard on the teeth. The wontons were slightly bigger than the usual but it just taste average.

Conclusion: High price + Low quality = Once in a life time experience. You will not see me order it again.

We also ordered Malacca Popiah from the Popiah stall @ RM1.80. Not sure about the special features of Popiah from Malacca. From the outset, i noticed that the Popiah was nicely wrapped by using a different kind of paper thin flour skin. It's slightly brownish, as opposed to whitish. Taste wise, it was just average, with a strong garlic taste.

By the way, this is my rating on the cleanliness of the restaurant... OMG!

Pastries and Crumbs...

Later, while on the way back to the car, what caught my eye was the pastries displayed at a bakery store inside Sri Karak Restaurant. There is a separate section in the front of the restaurant that is dedicated to baked products and confectionery.

Sri Karak Restaurant is a halal Chinese restaurant and a branch of the famous Yik Kee Restaurant from Karak, Pahang. Their signature desserts are Durian Chendol and Durian Bomb (pastry). Frankly, i never liked durian. So those durian products never appeals to me.

I bought Ham Dan Sou @ RM1.30. It's a mini-sized lotus paste pastry with salty duck egg yolk thrown in for good measure. I just thought that the Ham Dan Sou looked cute. The lotus paste was smoothly done with minimum sweetness. It taste delicious, just like a mooncake (minus the sweetness). Yum Yum!

Restoran Kam Heong
Add: No. 8, Jalan Tengah, Off Jalan Yong Shook Lin, New Town, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Restoran Sri Karak
Add: No. 17, Jalan 52/8, New Town, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-7958 3240

[Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here are based entirely on personal taste buds, view and preference and may vary from others.]

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