Monday, June 15, 2009

Vinx Lim EP Promo @ The Summit Shopping Complex, Subang

Stumbled upon Vinx Lim (林一心) at The Summit Shopping Complex yesterday. He was promoting his first EP - Sun Rise (《日出》). The 1 hour autograph and singing session started at 2 pm and i was there around 2.30pm.

Vinx Lim was one of the Top 8 male finalist in Project Superstar 2007. I didn't realize this until my friend reminded me of him. He was not very outstanding then, with just an average voice.

I was there when he was performing 《手心引力》, one of his songs in the EP.

I must say his singing has improved a lot since the days of Project Superstar. After nearly 2 years of gambate behind doors, we can see that it obviously gained positive result.

Vinx was signing posters for his fans during the autograph session.

Noticed the lady standing on his right? I think she is Vinx's Personal Assistant. She is one tough lady. Doing all the work from hanging posters to carrying goods to clearing the stage. Absolutely one leg kick!

The lady was carrying 2 of these banner stand with her right hand and loads of big and small posters with her left hand when they left. Not to mention a big bag on her back. Not an easy job for a young lady.

When we look at the charisma of an artist onstage, we tend to forget the hard work of people behind the scenes and their effort to make the event a perfect one, even though it may seems petty to some.

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