Saturday, August 8, 2009


My friend and i went to M Hypermarket just now. It was around 1.30pm. We noticed that the indoor parking was a bit dark. In fact, the whole building was pretty dark because only part of the lights were on. We thought that they were trying to cut down on the electricity costs due to the harsh economy.

We proceeded to the hypermarket itself. It was even darker, with lots of smoke around and smell of plastic being burnt. Upon asking the security guard, we were informed that there was a fire inside the hypermarket about an hour ago! No wonder the crowd flow was not as heavy as those previous Saturdays.

We "rushed" to the scene and saw some toys being burnt. There were a few firemen examining the scene. The section had been closed subsequently. This is the first time i came across a fire aftermath, albeit a minor one, in a hypermarket, sort of excited. If only we were at the scene an hour ago...

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