Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Learn To Be Extreme

I once read an article in the newspaper saying that great leaders are a peculiar group, almost like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde when it comes to their leadership actions. Great leaders know the right time when to alternate between contrasting leadership traits.

Here are the Extreme Leadership Traits:-


Humility Assertiveness
Visionary/Big Picture Detail Oriented
Using Influence Using Authority
Street Smart Academic Knowledge
Time For Self Time For Community
Discipline Creativity
Task Oriented People Oriented
Leveraging Strengths Developing Weaknesses
Showing Love Using Fear
Using Intuition Data-Based Decisions
Extrovert Introvert
Personal Reflection Social Interactions
Ensuring Perfection Ensuring Speed/Execution
Telling Stories Using Data
Listening Talking
Quitting Pursuing Excellence
Teaching Others Learning From Others
Doing It Yourself Delegating To Others
Learning From Mistakes Doing Things Successfully the First Time
Experimenting Adhering To Policy

Hence, you have to learn to be extreme if you want to be a leader!

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