Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What A Pleasant Surprise!

I paid a visit to my ex-coursemate, Yau last weekend. We are not particularly close. It's just that she is one of those friends whom we'll meet up for a cup of coffee or tea annually since the day we left college.

I went to her house at Salak Selatan, KL in which she had just bought early this year. It's a 30-years-old Single Storey Terrace House but it's very spacious due to the extension renovation made on the backyard.

She served me Ginger Tea which she bought from Taiwan. She went to Taiwan on April this year and bought a lot of food-stuff and drink-stuff which cannot be found in Malaysia. That goes to explain why she need to buy another luggage to carry all these tit-bits.

Despite the fact that i only see her once a year, this year would be a very special one.

Reason being...

1. Yau has just set-up her own company and is now THE BOSS.

2. Yau is one month PREGNANT.

This really sounds like 双喜临门 to me. She is now marching to another level of her career and becoming a mother in eight months time will surely mark another level of her life!

I am so happy for her.

Her husband, Siong is very supportive and understanding. He treated me (as Yau's not-so-close-friend) very well. For me, this is definitely a good sign of a loving and caring husband!

I am doubly happy for her.

Yau is expecting her baby by the end of February 2011. I do hope to see her new-born baby next year after Chinese New Year!


  1. what is that in the picture?

  2. It looks like baby cloth diapers to me... ;)

  3. a successful business couple. :)

  4. They sure are... all the best to them. ;)