Sunday, December 5, 2010


I have always like to compare products from different countries.

Here, you can see Nescafe can drinks from three different countries, namely Malaysia, Hong Kong and Korea.

The Korea Nescafe can drink was bought from Malaysia at a Korean Grocery Store whilst the Hong Kong Nescafe can drink was bought from Hong Kong which (if not mistaken) costs me double the price in Malaysia.

All of them tasted essentially the same, but i find that our Nescafe tasted slightly sweeter as compared to the rest.

Here, you can see Nescafe sachets from South Africa.

These were provided by some of the hotels in South Africa to their hotel guests.

You can see the word "special filtre" on their packaging.

The last two sachets are Nestle creamer, which are known as Cremora creamer in South Africa.

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