Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dreamland Coffee House & Nostalgia Cafe @ Tawau

Dreamland Coffee House

I had dinner with my parents at Dreamland Coffee House today. It was the first restaurant which offers western food in Tawau and had since established its name. This is the first time i visit them since they moved to Ba Zhong Commercial Centre a few years ago.

However, i felt that the ambience has changed as it seems to be less classy nowadays with green and white checker plastic cloth covering its table. Furthermore, the ventilation was bad, felt warm after 10 minutes.

I ordered Grilled Pork Chop. It costs me RM13.00. The taste? So-so only. I found the pork chop too dry and overly sour. It came across as a bit bland & quite overwhelmed by the liberal use of pepper.

Nostalgia Cafe

Later, i went to Nostalgia Cafe for a drink with my friend. Nostalgia Cafe is somewhat a re-brand of kopitiam which is a trend in Kuala Lumpur a few years ago.

I like their ambience. Cosy, trendy and (of course) nostalgic. The owner of Nostalgia Cafe sure had found a good theme or concept for their cafe.

I ordered a cup of mocha with whipped cream (can't remember it's name exactly!). It was nice! I had always like coffee, especially mocha, cappuccino and mochaccino.


  1. Hey, I like Nostagia too. Next time you can try their promotion food - Capuccino & a French Toast. Pretty good.:)

  2. Noted with thanks. Will go & try when i'm in Tawau next time.