Thursday, August 19, 2010

T-Shirt Connection

Last Sunday i had dinner with my friend at a Chinese restaurant that we used to patronize some time ago.

The waiter at the restaurant kept looking at me. After we placed our order, the waiter finally asked me, using his simple English: "You... that (pulling his shirt and pointing at my shirt)... from Myanmar?"

I was wearing a T-shirt with the wordings "Beautiful Myanmar" printed on it.

Then my friend told him that the T-shirt that i'm wearing was indeed bought from Myanmar from the previous Myanmar trip.

The waiter was very excited and told us that all the waiters working at the restaurant were from Myanmar.

I guessed for those who have been forced to leave their homeland to earn a living at a foreign soil, seeing things related to their own country really means a lot to them.

Later when we were returning home, the little Indian boy stays on the ground floor unit pointed at my friend's T-shirt and said: "Saya pun ada satu baju yang sama. Siva (I guessed it's one of his siblings or relatives) pun ada satu."

My friend was wearing a T-shirt with the wordings "Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur" printed on it.

That T-shirt was bought at Kota Raya, RM5.00 per piece, free size. The price would suggest that one bound to see a lot of people wearing the same T-shirt as you on the street.

Of course, this would include our little Indian boy.

It's amazing how a simple T-shirt can relate and connect one with another...

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