Friday, August 13, 2010

Zainal Abidin Meet & Greet @ The Summit Shopping Complex, Subang

Stumbled upon our veteran local artiste, Zainal Abidin, at The Summit Shopping Complex, Subang last Sunday. There was a "Zainal Abidin - Meet & Greet" session in conjunction with "Raya Raya Kat Summit" Balik Kampung Fair at the said shopping complex.

Zainal Abidin was presence for only about 15 minutes and i count myself lucky for being able to see him in person at a very close range, watching him singing a few songs, including "Hijau". I still remembered watching Zainal Abidin's music video being aired on RTM when i was a kid.

"Hijau" is sung back in 1989, which has already highlighted the issue of saving Mother Nature. Part of this song (if not mistaken) is sung in Kelantanese dialect. This song has successfully blend the unique dialect into the plight of environmentalist. It was a hit back then.

Zainal Abidin, in my opinion, is one of Malaysia’s most successful singer. To be frank, i only knew a handful of local artistes and Zainal Abidin is definitely in the list!

Talked about how time has passed... Zainal Abidin's look has changed so much in 20 years...

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