Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dressing At Work

As modern as we all are, the workplace still calls for some sense of conventional and conservative dressing. If you demand respect at the workplace, dress respectfully.

Although i truly believe in flaunting it if you've got it, in the office, we should do so in a more subtle way. I used to work with a sexy lady boss, Ms. L, who thinks that dressing super sexy is a fundamental requirement of her work. Tight shirt, short skirt, bare midriff or transparent dress is her code of dressing, which never fails to make us blush.

Maybe these more salacious girls are bad representation of the modern woman. There was once a client told me that Ms. L dressed like a GRO and on another occasion, a client told me that Ms. L looked like a Club Dancer. I felt truly embarrassed by such remarks. Would i pretend her sexuality doesn't affect the man she do business with? No, because it does.

It is said that a sexy woman in the office is as a symbol of power or an agent of seduction. I remember my ex-boss (who is a male) from another company once told me: "If you want to be successful in your career, wear short skirt." Initially, this sounded extremely sarcastic but after i worked with Ms. L, his remarks have unfortunately started to make sense.

Be it as it may, i always believe that there are definite dress expectations and a mandatory strict adherence to office clothing customs. More so if you are a professional, your clothing represents credibility. Unbuttoning your blouse to reveal bare skin will not only compromise your credibility, but also send a message that you are incapable and incompetent.

So when can you wear your new top with a plunging neckline? When you're not at work.


  1. Wearing sexy dress at office would induce man's sex desire. Not every man can stand such attraction. I think ladies should consider what venue or function would she attend before deciding to dress hot, formal or casual.

  2. That's why her business is so good! It's because most of the man she do business with cannot "tahan"... ;p