Friday, September 3, 2010

Old Post Office @ Kuala Lumpur

If one were to look for a building with the most distinguishing feature at Jalan Panggong (which joins the end of Jalan Petaling), it would have been this old post office. Sadly, it had been left idle for many years and seemed to be unable to withstand the devastate condition any longer.

The double storey building which combines Malay and Tudor style architecture was build in 1911. Squarish body with slanting door, the ground floor comprises of cement wall, whilst the first floor comprises of wooden enclosing rail. You can see the distinctive black and white wooden strip decor below the red tile roof at the front.

It is said that in the old days, when transportation is not convenient, each time when the steamship which carry mails arrives at Klang port, the authority will transmit telegrams to Kuala Lumpur. Thereafter, this old post office will raise a red flag signifying and informing the public that mails will be arriving soon.

It is also said that there were traders out there who proposed to the authorities to repair this old post office and transform it into a museum and antique store. However, nothing had been done on the site so far.

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