Monday, September 13, 2010

At 31, Hong Kong

Last year, i went to Hong Kong. Just like the slogan goes: LOVE IT! Loved the culture, food and architecture. I was there for 4 days and 3 nights, with a super hectic schedule.

We chose one of the Airasia Holiday Package on-line as well. With last year's "hotel horror" experience in Singapore, i called the hotel in Hong Kong 2 days in advance to confirm our booking. This time, the accomodation is confirmed.

It was winter in Hong Kong and i have never been to four seasons country. It was when i felt my face so DRY and was about to CRACK that i actually realized i need to apply moisturizer! Luckily i did applied lip balm. Otherwise, the condition would be worse!

I went to buy moisturizer at a Body Shop outlet which costs double the price in Malaysia. But look on the bright side, the moisturizer that i bought locally during that particular season might be more suitable than the one i bought in Malaysia... or maybe i'm just fooling myself...

Travel Pointers: Remember to bring along moisturizer when you go to places with four seasons. Never under-estimate the cold weather in those countries.

Weng Wah Lou Poh Beng and Lou Gong Beng. Just so-so.

Kee Wah Egg Roll. Very nice and soft. It literally melt-in-your-mouth.

Kee Wah Lou Poh Beng. Very nice. Soft and moist.

Kee Wah Assorted Biscuits. Loved all the biscuits except the Ginger Biscuits, but my mother loved it very much.

Kee Wah Lap Cheong. Err... it's a bit hard. Not to my liking.

A Hong Kong Post Office Box Coin Box. I've always fascinated by Post Office Box. I bought this at Temple Street night market in Yau Ma Tei. Oh ya! There is a terror story to be told about this visit.

Apparently two bottles of acid were dropped from buildings in a pedestrian zone at the Temple Street night market in Yau Ma Tei. Nine tourists and a child were among 30 people injured in the said acid attack.

We saw the news on television upon arriving our hotel room. We were shocked as the incident happened just half an hour after we left Temple Street. We just count ourselves lucky for not being one of the faces showed on the television.

Cute souvenirs. It was supposed to be souvenirs for my friends but at the end i decided to keep it for myself. Too cute to give them away!


  1. Yes, this pricing also include the nice packaging, i guess. ;)